Carrie Akre

is a musician best known for her work with Seattle Grunge-Era bands, Hammerbox and Goodness.

Since Goodness disbanded in 1998, she has contributed vocals to the project band The Rockfords with Danny and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and released three solo albums. Akre’s style of female rock-vox is comparable, might we venture to say, EVEN SUPERIOR to the likes of 80s power-vixens Pat Benatar and Lita Ford. Carrie is one of the few women to carry that strong vocal flavor into the 1990s with the advent of grunge and now well into the new millennium.

Carrie & Danny

…have made a lot of music over the last few decades. Through their collaboration in Goodness and The Rockfords, they have been creating sound and lyrics that continue to speak to new generations. They’re playing their songs and even more around the Puget Sound in bars, and restaurants and even your front room or backyard if you like.

Danny Newcomb

is a lead guitarist, songwriter, and founder of the acclaimed Seattle-based alt-rock band Goodness.

Danny currently performs original songs with his band – the Sugarmakers, featuring his signature guitar solos. Danny remarks, “I’ve always been a songwriter and a lead guitar player. Now, I’m performing songs that I can sing.”

Danny has toured internationally with Goodness, releasing two full-length albums. Danny also writes songs and plays guitar for The Rockfords, featuring Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and with Carrie adding vocal support from time to time.

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Carrie Akre


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“Here You Are”

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 “One Wish”

Carrie and Danny’s Radio Interview

Bob River’s Show on KZOK 102.5 Seattle

Carrie & Danny’s Sneaky Practice

“Sincerely Yours,”  just before springing themselves on the wedding couple…

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